Real Estate Development Services Nationwide


We don’t just build you a building.

We make sure you have the right building, with the right design, in the right location anywhere in the U.S.; on time, every time.


Build-to-Suit Rollout

Give us your objectives and we will help you achieve them

We’ve assisted numerous retailers execute their national expansion plans and we can do the same for you.  Successful retail expansion requires specialized tools of the trade which we put to work regularly.  Some of these tools include the following:

  • Pre-negotiated Lease- by doing repeat business with us, you save the headache of reinventing the wheel time and time again. We develop a form lease that can be signed in a matter of days for each deal.
  • Prototype Building – you tell us what you want your building to look like. We build the same building in each market to help you brand your concept.
  • Open Book Budget – we remove the tiring and needless process of haggling back and forth over rent. We simply negotiate a return that Quattro will get from each project.  We then provide an open book budget and apply our return.  If the rent works within your model, we move forward with the deal.  If it doesn’t, we work to find ways to reduce costs.  If that still doesn’t work, we will work even harder to find a new project that meets your needs.”
  • Ability to Fund Projects All Cash – We don’t want your store’s opening to be effected by approvals and delays that are inevitable in today’s lending environment. We have the ability to both close on the acquisition of our projects and fund the construction without the use of external lenders.


Fee Development

Give us your site and we will help you to optimize its potential

If you don’t want to sell your property to us but would like to utilize our deep knowledge and broad experience in real estate development you can employ our fee development services.  These services can be provided as a full turnkey platform or on an ala carte basis.  Just let us know your preference and we can help you to determine the highest and best use for your property, secure targeted tenants, navigate the entitlement process, obtain financing, manage construction of improvements, structure operations, and sell the completed asset.  The options are limitless but the choice is all yours.  Regardless of your selection, we’ll make sure that you extract the most value out of your property.

Site Selection

Give us a market and we will find you a site

Our process starts with putting our own boots on the ground by making an in-person visit to your targeted market.  We have compiled comprehensive reports of potential retail opportunities in the vast majority of the 507 retail trade areas in the U.S.  From big cities to small towns and most everything in between, wherever you want to be, we’ve probably already been there.  This historical knowledge we’ve logged gives us a head start for when we make our return visit to your targeted market to hunt down the perfect opportunity for your operation.

When our reports have been updated we will discuss the available opportunities with you.  If the best space already exists, we will simply direct you to that property gratis.  If the best space needs to be built, just sign off on the desired location and we will get to work building it for you.


Project Management

Give us a site and we will manage the construction of your building

If you already have a process that works, we don’t want to reinvent it.  We will gladly work with your contractors, brokers, managers, consultants, and vendors.  We can quickly provide feasibility summaries on any projects you’re considering.  If you engage our Project Management services, we will provide you weekly project status reports throughout the process and will warranty our work after completion.